Dallas Metroplex Postcard Club   

Recollections By Founding Member Larry Seymour. Updated by Hal Ticknor

      The Dallas Metroplex Postcard Club got started in June 11, 1983, as a neighboring club to the Cowtown Postcard Club in Fort Worth. That club was started in 1954. Jack Thornhill Sr. founded the Dallas club along with James McMillin. McMillin also founded the first postcard club in Texas, The Lone Star Postcard Club and then The Cowntown Club. They and 33 other postcard dealers and collectors of cards, met at the George Dealey Recreation Center to organize the non-profit club, June 11. Of those 35 present, Larry Seymour is the only member still very active with the Club. The first official Club meeting was held, September 21, 1983, at the Walnut Hill Recreation Center. Meetings have also been held in churches, in member’s homes for special holiday parties and at the Farmers Branch Library for 15 years. The club then met for a while at Timberglen Recreation Center in Dallas, Texas. Currently the club meets on the first Saturday of the month Sept. thru May, at 2:00 P.M. at First United Methodist Church in Garland, Texas. The address is 801 W. Ave. B. We usually meet in room 103-105. In September, pizza lunch, and December, Christmas party, when we are eating, we meet at 1:00 pm in Schreiber Hall. Club membership is currently 36. We do not meet in June, July or August. Lots of postcard presentations at the meetings have been prepared by members sharing their postcard interests and knowledge of what they collect. There are show and tell sessions helping everyone learn more about values and general information about postcards. Also buying, selling, trading and giving away cards at some of the meetings. No one has ever regretted getting involved with the Club. 
          Joining the Dallas Postcard Club or any postcard club is educational, informative and fun. It is unbelievable how many postcards relate to and parallel other collecting interests. There is a postcard for anything you can think of and probably many places and cities you have visited. There is an annual membership roster, listing all members and their collecting interests. Current annual membership fee is $15.00. You are invited to come join the club!